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EDITION 2020 REVISED & EXPANDED Book Publishing / Reference / Self Help PERFECTION IS THE ENEMY Ever thought about being an author? Now you can be the envy of every writer! Take control of your career today by diving into this book and opening the world of writing. Write & Get Paid reveals the secrets to write what sells, find the best paying jobs, and get published regularly. No matter the media, books, magazines, journals, etc., you'll discover easy ways to turn your way with words into wads of cash. • Write faster and better• Receive international recognition and payment• Get your readers to help sell your books• Negotiate winning contracts• Be the master of legal issues• Publish yourself and take the tax breaks• Get free publicity from other bestselling authors A serious and easy to understand reference guide for writing, publishing, promotion, marketing and finding good jobs. It's perfect for writers working alone, students, or executives of publishing companies. Write & Get Paid will show you how to write your own ticket to happiness.

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