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A Hustler's Son 2 (The Cartel Publications Presents)

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With a goal to become one of the world s largest African American publishers, T.Styles, Essence Magazine s best selling author of Black & Ugly and A Hustler s Son , has launched her own company, The Cartel Publications. Born in Southeast Washington, D.C, and raised in Houston, Texas, she now resides in Baltimore County, Maryland with her son. She credits her creativity to God, the hundreds of DVDs she has in her collection and trailblazers such as Sister Souljah, saying that, In order to be blessed, you have to pay homage to those who ve paved the way. Although writing is her love, she is certainly multi-talented. Having worked as a Certified Massage Therapist, Model and Public Speaker for major companies/organizations such as The Office of the US Supreme Court, Marriot, Carefirst Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Eduserc, she has discovered that her true passion is writing and publishing. In addition to working with companies and individuals regarding Health and Wellness issues, T spends her time speaking honestly about the issues she s experienced with the law as a juvenile. She is no stranger to the complexities and issues of the street.

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